Automatic lessons

If you are looking for automatic driving lessons then you should be aware of the advantages of learning to drive in an automatic, but also aware that there is one major disadvantage.


Let’s get the disadvantage out of the way first!

If you learn to drive and pass your driving test in an automatic car then that’s great if you are always going to drive an automatic. However, if you are ever going to want to drive a manual car, then you would only be able to do so with a fully qualified licence holder aged over 21 and with a licence for over 3 years sitting in with you.


Now the advantages!

Learning in an automatic car is so much easier than driving in aa manual car. ForĀ  a start there is one less pedal to worry about. Because there are no gears, there is no clutch pedal. The only pedals you have is the accelerator to make you go and the brake to slow you down!

  • Only two pedals
  • No tricky hill starts
  • No stalling
  • Easy manoeuvres – no clutch control
  • No gears to remember to change

For most people, they have a much higher chance of passing first time in an automatic. Prices are usually a it more expensive, but the trade-off is that you will need fewer lessons ion total.